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In one picture, the beauty of great parenting in a world with sane transit architecture and a sign that even in a world with sane transit, people are jerks.

A child with training wheels riding his bike in a dedicated bike lane with his father at his side, while a small white car blocks the bike lane.


Photo Thoughts

I am finally reviewing some of the pictures from our recent vacation to Spain that were shot on our Sony NER 5X instead of my iPhone XS.

A few observations on photography.

  • The Sony photos still look better, mostly because they seem to do a far better job with dynamic range and noise.
  • I take worse photos with the Sony camera, I think because the screen for previews is less good and difficult to see in bright lights. Additionally, the larger body means that I feel more awkward doing the work of physically moving to better frame my photos.
  • It’s so freeing to take lots of pictures and delete many.
  • It’s amazing what a small amount of cropping, color and light adjustments, and retouching can do for a photo. Spending 60-90s per photo makes a world of difference, and I don’t know what I’m doing at all.
  • I really enjoy having true optical zoom, even with the kit lens. I think I’m going to end up either buying more lenses for the Sony or picking up a new camera soon to step up my game.

Here’s two pictures… can you tell which is which, even after processing and being resized?

A close up in San Sabastian Another close up in San Sabastian


I think I want to learn a new skill the back half of the year. Something that requires me to put aside time nightly that’s dedicated to learning.


  • Swift/Elixir/Rust
  • Piano
  • Urban development
  • Re-learn linear algebra
  • Detail how to run business w/ 100 middle class jobs