June 1, 2020

May 31, 2020

What nation has a dramatically different system of policing that the US should learn from and adopt?


May 30, 2020

‪I just spend 2 hrs walking through the woods and now I’m home watching the US return to human space flight. Everything is awful, but I feel a bit better.‬


May 29, 2020

Twitter designed a brilliant way of indicating that a political has violated their Terms of Service or has posted inaccurate information while maintaining it’s accessibility.

It has also definitively demonstrated they have failed to act by choice for years.


I want CSS Grid to make sense so badly. The tutorials all make sense. My site has grid on it and it mostly makes sense. But every time I try and do something that’s even moderately complex with grid, I fail.


He died because we choked him, and he had other conditions like needing to breathe, such that choking him led to his death.


A rough birthday

Today might have gone differently.

Greet a few friends with a hug as we arrive. Meander to the bar for a drink while we wait to get seated. Order a round of oysters. Get to our table, refresh our drinks, order more of our favorites from the oysters we had at the bar. Maybe a couple of recommended starters. We’ll figure out the rest later. On drink three we decide it’s worth ordering at least one or two entrées for the table to share. Another round of drinks. Struggle to share a dessert. A digestif to end the evening. No fuss about it being my birthday, but still a time with a few friends and great food.

This year I sat at home. We ordered in pizza. The world watched America demonstrate it is a white supremacist state. The police murder instead of protect. They conspire to remain blameless for all their actions, no matter what our own eyes can see. The white supremacist leadership of this country calls for violence against people of color protesting state-enabled murder. The white supremacist leadership claim to support non-violent protest, even after they made a spectacle of rejected non-violent protest. The liars lied about whether they lied about directly undermining US foreign policy.

We are sheltering in place. We are shattering in place.


May 28, 2020

‪I listened to two books on Audible in the last few months on policing: Bleeding Out by Thomas Abt and Policing the Open Road by Sarah A. Seo. ‬

I came away convinced we need nothing short of a full dismantling of the current law enforcement structure of the US.


What fills you with meaning, purpose, and hope these days? These are the things I run on, and the pandemic has made them difficult to find.


May 27, 2020

Today’s moment of feeling out of touch from my old role: Them: “How should the state department do this?” Me: “Build a model, use your best projection, correct once you collect the data.”

I know full well they will not do this.


White Noose

If you’ve ever heard of the “white noose” here in Baltimore, here’s another great demonstration.

Pooling local revenue with Baltimore City’s two nearest neighbors results in $3,717 more funding per student for BCPSS students.


If we pooled the whole state, that increase grows to $4,963.


Without including wealthy DC suburbs or the Eastern Shore of Maryland, roughly 75% of the gap in funding for Baltimore City is covered just by stepping across a border designed for segregation.

75% of the gap.

That’s the legacy of state sponsored segregation. That’s what you choose when you live over the border.

Via Ed Build’s Clean Slate


May 26, 2020

What if, hear me out now, instead of trying to make friends in adulthood I just maintain 3 pseudonyms on Tumblr?


May 25, 2020

Lives Lost

I have been waiting for about 2 years for a coffee shop to open around the corner.

They’ll “open” for pickup only for the first time Wednesday.

It’s heartbreaking to think about someone pouring their savings and time into opening up shop only for a global pandemic to hit.

I don’t think we’ve come close to grappling with the lives lost, and we certainly haven’t understood the economic devastation caused by the twin diseases of COVID-19 and an utterly failed government.

It’s Memorial Day in the US. We are supposed to honor and grapple with the sacrifice of soldiers lost at war today. In reality, we celebrate their deaths with cookouts and sales. I can’t help but feel the parallelism in our failures to understand the cost of war and our failures to take seriously this pandemic. The numbers are too large to understand. The costs incalculable. Scale overwhelms and whites out our ability to perceive.

So I think about this coffee shop. It was someone’s dream. It was their big risk that they hoped would define their life. “I have decide to be a coffee shop owner.” Now, through no fault of their own, their grand opening will involve masks, gloves, and paper cups passing quietly across a door frame. Instead of hearing, for the first time, that glorious din of pen to paper, fingers on keys, friends talking, glasses clinking, milk steaming, and the cheery greetings between staff and regulars, they’ll open quietly.

They may not survive long enough to be what they hoped. Neither might we.


Custom Curator

I used to be a heavy Google Reader user. Besides the joy of going one place and reading my whole internet, I took a lot of pleasure in sharing great things from around the web with friends. Some of this happened within Reader, but mostly I was a prolific emailer in college of interesting things.

I miss the correspondence my friends and I had over email about interesting block posts or stories or funny things I found all about the internet. It was one of the joys of email, and the joys of leisure time.

I continue this practice somewhat today— if you’re unfortunate enough to be a close friend you probably get some combination of iMessage, Twitter DMs, Instagram messages, or Slack messages about the things I find. But it’s all scattered and sent through highly disruptive mechanism.

I don’t really like to link blog because half the fun is curating who I send things to. And I miss spontaneous groupings of my friends who might like the same things.

I think within all this is an inkling of an idea for a web app/service only useful to me that I’d like to write. If I could collect interesting things in a queue almost like Buffer, and then at a set interval, empty that queue. It would send off a custom email to each person collating the items I selected to share with them. The result is almost a newsletter, but actually a collection of “fun things Jason thought you’d like or would love to talk with you about”.

I think I could maintain a lot more of my friendships with this package. In many ways, sharing the fun stuff I find on the web or debating a news article or blog with you, probably because I thought you’d have interesting things to say or it would challenge your thinking in some way, is my love language.


Facebook not only took away my ability to syndicate my blog there, it also massively de-prioritizes showing that content to friends. If I paste the same post into FB, everyone sees it. Link to it? Buried.

Hate that hell hole.


May 24, 2020

May 22, 2020

Businesses are free to only serve who they want so they don’t need to make a gay wedding cake, but they can’t tell you to wear a mask or refuse service because freedom or something.