July 14, 2020

“the worst caste systems in human history includes the United States alongside Nazi Germany.”

from Bari Weiss, in her resignation letter.

I read this line and I thought, “It sure wasn’t taught to me that chattel slavery was as bad as Nazi Germany, but shouldn’t it have been?”

Jason Becker

So… are webcams back in stock? And what’s the consensus “This is good for video calls, etc” choice that’s not a full on DSLR (this is … a bridge way too far)?

Jason Becker

Anyone who thinks that tech is all far left wing doesn’t read comments on Hacker News, which are generally just not good, but especially revealing on anything touching issues of speech.

Jason Becker

Quibi, “We’re mobile native, spent $1.5B on content, but there’s no way to share anything.”

TikTok, “You’ve never downloaded our app or gone to our website, but you see our full user-created, content on all social media shared with no restrictions.”

Who influenced the culture?

Jason Becker

My big plans for my day off tomorrow are…

Changing the strings on my acoustic. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Jason Becker

July 13, 2020

I only tracked part of 2014, so I excluded that, but if you want to get a really clear sense of how my life has changed (flights only):

year flights miles
2015 65 53,194
2016 71 51,958
2017 54 39,297
2018 53 58,571
2019 48 55,409
2020 9 9,316
Jason Becker

July 12, 2020

‪Sure working out feels great, but have you ever sulked around all Sunday and then buy fresh food and make a delicious (ok, 2) smash burger(s) on your griddle?‬

Jason Becker

The American Nightmare

Either there is something superior or inferior about the races, something dangerous and deathly about black people, and black people are the American nightmare; or there is something wrong with society, something dangerous and deathly about racist policy, and black people are experiencing the American nightmare.

The American Nightmare by Ibram X. Kendi

Jason Becker

Name a TV show with a great first season that lost you in the finale.

I’ll start: Homeland

Jason Becker

July 11, 2020

Elsa is at H Mart.

In entirely unrelated news, I’ll be looking for a second job now.

Jason Becker

Lest you think only Brandy is ridiculous, here’s Gracie from this morning.

Jason Becker

While I was upstairs reading, Elsa rearranged our bookshelves. Easier to keep things alphabetical by type with space to add books interspersed throughout.

Jason Becker

July 10, 2020

Remember That Chaos Is Not Evil

Sarah Jeong, unsurprisingly, get’s this week’s internet controversy completely right in Letterheads: Social media and the end of discourse.

For all its pretense to logic and debate above all else, the old paradigm bred an irrational and incomprehensibly unjust society. The opinionators frequently circulated debunked or faulty science, and they kept alive a “debate” around climate change that has not existed among scientists for decades. They tolerated the intolerant and treated dehumanization as a difference of opinion. They were — despite being held as the paragons of rational discourse — never particularly rational. One only needs to point to the war in Iraq as proof of that.

Author’s Note: The title of this post is taken from Jeong’s piece as well.

Jason Becker