Jason Becker

This $500 reverb pedal is how I’ll become a great guitar player right?

Continuing to read my interest graph

Media personalities are better follows on most social media platforms because they are generating content in a specific area for a living. I am not just following a person I trust, but that person is likely to spend 80-90% of their time writing about an interest I share.

Individual users on social media tend to post about 2-4 subjects in equal measure to cover that same 80-90% of their posts. The result is I have far less overlap between their posts and my interests.

Over time, social feeds become some combination of noisy and toxic when following people I like which dilutes the amount of my feed that is about interests I have.

This is similar, but distinct from so-called filter bubbles.

I remember forums fondly because although they were not 100% on topic, there was a community constructed around common interests. I knew what kind of stuff I’d read when I popped on a forum, and even off-topic posts tended to share baseline common knowledge and references built off those interests.

It’s in this spirit that I’ve started to explore Reddit seriously for the first time in a while. Twitter is not a happy place. Facebook is not a happy place. Instagram is nice, but I find discovery to be difficult. Reddit offers an opportunity to curate an interest-driven internet, focused on areas that don’t make me feel bad.

I still use an RSS reader. If there were more original blogs I could follow, it would build the same thing I’d like to see on Reddit. But blogging is not as popular as it once was. It’s discovery and social layer is broken. I’m hoping efforts like Micro.blog could turn that around over time.

Until then I’ll continue to try and find ways to read about things that make me think and make me smile and make me laugh. I want my experience with the internet to be a lot more like my experience with podcasts.

How Jason can a day get? So far I’ve: eaten cold leftovers for breakfast, bought a Jewish cook book from a public radio interview, added an album to Spotify from public radio, visited two bookstores, drove 30 mins for a new bbq place, & wrote some YIMBY stuff on the internet.

GYBE is playing in Baltimore and I didn’t know and I’m not going and this seems wrong.

Someone posted in our neighborhood Facebook group a picture of a groundhog. Now like 10 more pictures of this groundhog lounging in back yards and on shed roofs are being shared.

This is the happiest Facebook has ever made me.

When does it get easy?

I don’t think I’ve watched these movies for over a decade, but they were formative for me and I think it’s time I go back and revisit.

Great profile of a unique guy who everyone says is my celebrity doppelgänger.

When I’m really frustrated and anxious I do a lot of fantasizing. Just me or is this a normal coping mechanism?

This Will Destroy You is very good music.

Sometimes I decide I’m going to play a song that requires a few repeated chords and rip my vocal chords to shreds like I did tonight with Play Crack the Sky.

How Infowars Reinforces My Support for the Web

I sometimes have difficulty explaining to friends why micro.json.blog exists. Why post there and Twitter/Facebook? Saying that I want to “own my own content on my own domain” doesn’t resonate with most people in my social circle. There’s some sense to it, but I think the main reaction is “that seems like trouble/ruckus for small gains”.

I think a better answer to why I try and keep spaces that I fully own and control on the internet is found in @manton’s post today:

Facebook and YouTube are conflicted about how to handle this because their model is wrong.

Centralized platforms have succeeded on three stools:

  1. Ease of use.
  2. Discovery
  3. Network effects

Unfortunately, creating a platform that succeeds at all three of these things also creates a platform that is an effective vector for hate speech, harassment, and coordinate misinformation campaigns. That’s not a possibility, it’s an empirical fact.

The current model has made it so that solving easy problems around speech require seemingly impossibly hard solutions. I want to take some of that back.

Philosophy Bites is a great podcast, but this episode on “overdoing democracy” is particularly good and timely.

Elsa and I often use partner. Here are my reasons:

  1. At some point I decided assuming straightness was weird, and as long as orientation is declared constantly that won’t change.
  2. We’ve been together 8 years and living together 7 years and “girlfriend” is silly and incomplete.

What a lovely story about Mel Brooks, a man who has deeply influenced my sense of humor.

Go to Whole Foods to buy food for dinner: that’ll be $80. Go to Wegman’s to buy food for the week: that’ll be $130.

I haven’t even read this yet, but I wanted to say, “Of course there’s a woman I’ve never heard of who is actually doing all of the work and who isn’t a giant ass in public without consequence.”

Summer of Storms

In some ways, the endless torrential rain this summer is the ideal way to break in a new home. What leaks will spring will have to have sprung at this point…

This morning I was feeling down. I was wallowing (self-analyzing?) and I think I achieved some genuine insight. I went on to have a really good day totally unaffected by what I now consider my core psychological challenge.

Emotions are weird.

Also, holy crap, I’ve been playing guitar longer than I haven’t. I missed that moment. Although to be fair, the last 8 years or so have been a bit of a hiatus. It does seem like I’m finally picking it back up again though.

I’ve been playing guitar for 17 years and I just now realized that Hallelujah is in the sweet spot of my vocal range.

Hello, “moderate” Republican 👋🏻. Did your party abandon you, or does it turn out your political philosophy, taken to its natural end, arrives at a place you’re uncomfortable with?

Here’s a thought: maybe your political ideology is bad.

This is good weather and a good joke. It’s silly how much I love my weather app.

Currently reading: The Last Mortal Bond by Brian Staveley 📚

Just about nothing is more frustrating in development than a slow cycle time. Taking 20 minutes to see if something worked is excruciating for productivity.

An international lens on anti-gentrification. tl;dr It’s about distrusting outsiders, which is reframed across class, racial, and ethnic lines freely based on context.