Jason Becker

I’m not sure there’s any experience quite like cleaning out a grandparent/parent’s home after they’ve passed, especially when they lived there for 60 years.

I received a compliment today so deep and affecting that I am sure I will remember it for the rest of my life.

TFW your really nice knitr to s3 to web workflow slowly becomes a CMS 😂 #rstats

Every once in a while I forget how much I like Jimmy Eat World.

Does anyone outside of New York make pickles that are any good? So far all signs point to no.

Elsa has been dying to go to a taco place she found in Baltimore started by fellow Poblanas. She announced this morning we’re going for tacos tonight “plan accordingly”.

Now that I realized it’s Cinco de Mayo I realized “plan accordingly” means get ready to wait 6 hrs for tacos.

I think micro.blog should allow anyone who follows more than say, 10 people to get a Discover feee thst is your network graph, once or twice removed (who the people you follow, follow… and who those folks follow).

Don’t fuck with me when it comes to the discrimination so many see in the workplace. One of the prevailing sadnesses is my adult life has been the heartbreak I’ve felt watching people I love not get a fair shake over and over again right in front of me.

Hampden has nice trees too. Feels good to be home.

Just found a copy of The History of Love I gave my grandma to read that I’m pretty sure my friend Nicole gave me to read in high school while going through her home. It’s a great book she would have loved, but I can’t remember if she ever did read it.

Sometimes it’s good to listen to the music you loved before and fall in love all over again.

Tsz Shan Monastery part I

Sometimes You Skip The Paste And Head For The Chili

Luk Yu Tea House (陸羽茶室).

Another Walk Up A Mountain. Once Again, Worth It

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery 萬佛寺.

Night lights