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Thinking a lot about how advertising targeting men is different than advertising targeting women.

Never fails. Spend time on the West Coast, can’t sleep past 6am. Get back to the East Coast, can’t fall asleep before 2am.

This is a good answer from Wizards of the Coast designer Mark Rosewater on representation in games.

Annual restatement that Google Reader, pre-Buzz and Google Plus integration, was the best social network ever made.

We lack complex female stories, and we lack real relationships between the sexes

We don’t see complexity in female stories because we have so little experience imagining it might be there.

This is devastating essay on how we critically consume female art.

I am struggling to think of a single, non-romantic, non-familial, healthy relationship between a man and a woman on screen or in a book that captures the depth and complexity I experience in my life.

Has there ever been a more horrific sentence than “The user experience will be identical to physician-assisted suicide,” he says. “Product-market fit is people believing that it works.” source

🎶Today’s jam A Sixth Trumpet by From Monument to Masses 🎶

I wonder which is my most controversial pop culture opinion:

  1. I couldn’t care less about The Office.
  2. 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are not good.
  3. The Fountain is amazing.

It’s shockingly complex & costly to hire employees in multiple states. We’re a small company that’s remote friendly, but we’re taxing our resources hard when someone new comes on board. I almost never hear anyone talking about making this process easier for small businesses.

I am a sucker for new mechanical keyboards

🎶 Today’s tune, definitely Auto Rock by Mogwai. 🎶

A couple weeks back I was a little disappointed at my one rep max deadlift. I felt tired from my first warm up and went 110-120-130kg and just made all attempts. Today I was able to do 6 reps at 110 on my third set… so now I’m feeling better. 💪🏻

Paul Ford makes the best bull case for the blockchain I’ve ever read.

Our heat is out. It’s 34 degrees outside. I still want to put on the fan in the bedroom. Elsa might kill me.

“I’m sure this $8 airplane wifi will be fine for Slack and Google Docs,” he wrongly assumes every. single. time.



I may have over ordered BBQ and ended up with some serious meat sweats.


The Al Pastor at Veracruz is the best I’ve ever had.


As my time in a city increases, the likelihood that I will spend an hour at an independent bookstore approaches 1.

Good lord tech, you have to do a lot better than this. “I’m just an engineer,” is a horrific response to how “identifying gang members” could go wrong. I thought engineering generally included ethics as a part of certification process. Yet another way software is not engineering.

I think I need one of these.

Part of me wants to walk to BookPeople right now. Then the other part of me remembers I can go to Powell’s next week. 🤔📚

Did a little sleuthing and confirmed that it was yesterday, March 4th, four years ago that I asked a question at a conference panel that changed my life.